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About Helen

Photography combines my love of people, precision and creativity.

I’ve built my reputation as a photographer on my images of people: at weddings and events, on theatre stages or in every–day situations. Although I love interacting with people, I believe my skill as a photographer comes partly from my ability to quietly and unobtrusively observe – to let people be or perform without being aware that they are being photographed. A good photographer, through a friendly and unfussy approach, allows great, natural photographs to emerge, even in formal situations.

Great photographs also require good technical skills. Since my earliest days behind the lens I’ve been driven and inspired to keep learning and perfecting new techniques, and to take up the opportunities presented by the fast–paced developments in digital technology.

Working primarily in central London I have photographed, amongst others, David Cameron, both David and Ed Miliband, Johnny Vegas, Sir Ian McKellan, Lindsey Lohan and Amanda Holden.

My press and promotional photographs have appeared in national newspapers and on leading news websites, including the Independent, the Guardian, the Telegraph, the Financial Times, the Mirror, the Daily Mail and the BBC.

When not taking photographs I enjoy yoga, volleyball, cooking and following current affairs.